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Buy Morphine Online, Morphine is a pain medication of the opiate family that is found naturally in a number of plants and animals, including humans. It acts directly on the central nervous system to decrease the feeling of pain. Wikipedia Buy Morphine Online

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1. What is morphine?

Morphine is a strong painkilling drug. It has been used for centuries in different forms and works very effectively on many sorts of pain although it is most often used for strong, persistent cancer pain. It can be given in a number of ways. Usually, it is first given as a tablet or liquid which works for about four hours. Once you are settled on a regular dose the tablet is often changed to a long-acting version that lasts for 12 hours. It is also given as an injection but this is usually only for people who can’t take a tablet.

2. How do I start taking morphine?

Morphine is started at the lowest possible dose to allow your body to get used to it. Your pain should diminish very quickly (often within hours) but it may take time to balance the right dose for you against the pain that it is being used for. The dose will be increased slowly over days to find what is right for you. Buy Morphine Online

Buy Morphine Online3. Doesn’t morphine have a lot of side effects? |

Almost everyone who takes morphine gets constipated. You should have been prescribed a laxative along with your morphine – this should be taken regularly and may need to be increased as the dose of morphine increases. About a third of people feel a bit sick or actually are sick when starting morphine. This doesn’t mean you are allergic to it (as some people wrongly think). It just means that your body is adjusting to having the drug in your system. Specific medication can be added to reduce this and stopped once your body has adjusted. It may need to be re-introduced if the morphine dose is increased.

4. If I take morphine, will I get addicted to it?

In the past, morphine was often associated with drug addiction. But taking morphine for pain will not make you an addict. Commonly, people worry when their dose of morphine increases. But the increase is usually because the disease is changing and you need more to manage the pain. Because it is used for persistent pain you should not stop taking morphine suddenly without discussing this with your doctor or nurse.

Some people find they get a bit sleepy with morphine. Once again, this is a sign of your body adjusting to the drug and should ease after a few days. There are other possible side effects – very rarely some people will see things (hallucinations). This may mean the dose is a little high. Occasionally some people will develop an itch.

5. Is there a maximum dose?

No. Morphine is unusual in that there is no maximum dose. If it is taken for pain as prescribed, the dose can be increased gradually to match your pain.

6. What changes do I have to make because I am taking morphine?

Many people find that once they are settled on a stable dose of morphine they can actually do more than they used to because the pain is much less. You shouldn’t have to do anything different. The one exception is driving. You should talk with your doctor about driving. Morphine may slow your reaction time, especially if the dose is increasing from time to time, so be sensible about it and discuss it with your doctor or nurse. The same goes for operating machinery.


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